Fiber coupled laser modules (630 - 1600 nm)

 Fiber coupled power: up to 2.5 W, high stability
 Different spectral width, single frequency optional
 Wavelength tuning and RF modulation optional


Fiber coupled LEDs (395 - 1550 nm)

Power: 0.1 - 35 mW (ex- fiber)
Digital/analog modulation
Output power control


Fiber coupled broadband sources: SLEDs (860 - 1550 nm)

Single mode fiber coupled power: up to 20 mW
Spectral width: up to 150 nm
Output power control
Optional modulation input


Lensed fiber, fiber collimators, fiber reflectors, fiber probes

Fiber types:   Single-mode, multimode, double-clad, PM,
                     customer provided fiber with diameter up to 10 mm
Different optical connectors

                                  Custom Solutions

WT&T have strong expertise in developing customized fiber optical components/sources/systems meeting challenging requirement such as fast modulation, power, spectral and polarization stability and output beam control.
We have custom designed many variations of our products and will be happy to discuss with you your specific application needs. Read a bit more

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